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We empower technicians working in UK higher education, research and innovation roles to strengthen connections within the sector and with industry.

As the home of Technician Commitment, we connect communities and create new technical networks, nationally and globally to share best practice and fuel innovation.

Some of the technical networks listed below have evolved from previous research projects, existing collaborations and communities.

Technician Commitment

The UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy is home of the Technician Commitment. It is a growing international community of more than 115 organisations pledging to increase visibility and recognition of technicians.

This sector-wide initiative supports the career development and sustainability of technical skills, roles and careers within higher education and research.

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The UK Technology Specialists Network

The UK Technology Specialists Network (TSN) brings together technology specialists to learn new ways of working and to share knowledge and insights to support colleagues in similar roles.

Technical staff from UK universities and research institutes, sometimes known as RTPs, are welcome to join TSN to build a strong network of professionals working in this field.

The Strategic Technical Leaders Network

This group is made up of individuals who have completed the Executive Programme in Strategic Technical Leadership, which is delivered in partnership with Nottingham Business School.