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The Research and Policy Group at the UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy aims to advance knowledge and shape policy related to technical skills, roles and careers.

We publish scholarly research and insight reports on topical issues impacting the sector.

We actively influence policy to drive positive change for technical professionals.

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Advancing Research 

Our research ensures that the sector has a greater understanding of how to grow and maintain the technical skills and careers that enable world-class research, education and innovation.


  • We generate valuable insights through analysis and evaluation of the technical workforce, skills, education and training, helping to make sense of the evolving landscape.
  • Our research papers contribute to the academic discourse and inform practical interventions to help address challenges impacting technical skills, roles and working environments.
  • We respond to emerging issues and trends, such as UK government and funder priorities, through our hot-topic insight reports.
  • We are agile in our approach, adapting to the dynamic needs of our stakeholders. Our reports facilitate informed decision-making and help to shape policy in key focus areas.

Our Research Roadmap

Map the landscape

We explore and analyse a range of data sources to understand the demographics, patterns, and trends over time, within the UK’s higher education and research technical workforce.

Understand the landscape

We aim to create a stronger evidence base and understanding of the diverse roles within the technical professional community to enhance workforce development and sustainability; with a particular focus on organisational attitudes and practices surrounding technical careers.

Transform the landscape

We’re driven by delivering meaningful and tangible change for the whole sector. We evaluate and assess the impact of the Technician Commitment, pilot programmes delivered through the MI TALENT Programme and the Institute’s diverse activities.  

We shall identify and investigate barriers within existing initiatives to design robust and research-informed innovations and interventions for the future.  

New knowledge and insights generated from our research team about technical skills, roles and working environments allows us to:

  • Influence and engage government and policymakers
  • Empower organisations to deliver sustainable changes to advance and improve technical skills and careers

We collaborate with stakeholders on shared policy goals to ensure the UK has the technical skills it needs to meet future demands within science, technology, engineering, medicines and the creative industries.

Find out about our policy work here 

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“The Research and Policy Group will develop greater knowledge and understanding of technical skills and expertise required to enable world-class research, education and innovation to thrive.” 
“We aspire to drive positive change through our integrated approach to research and policy, advancing technical skills and strategy nationally and beyond.”


Professor Andrew Noyes

Professor Andrew Noyes

Lead for the ITSS Research and Policy Group