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We conduct research to help the sector better understand the technical workforce. We use these insights to influence policy changes related to technical roles, education and training.


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We conduct new research on the technical workforce, skills, education and training. We share valuable insights about the technical workforce in the higher education and research sector in influence changes in policy.

Our research ensures that the sector has a greater understanding of how to grow and maintain the technical skills and careers that enable world-class research, education and innovation.

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Our research priorities

Map the landscape

We will analyse workforce data to understand patterns and trends in the UK’s higher education technical workforce over time. We work in partnership with stakeholders to explore possibilities for improving the classifications and data capture on technical roles and careers.

Understand the landscape

We will create a better understanding of technicians’ roles, recognition, development and workforce sustainability, with a particular focus on research culture, training and development and career pathways.

Transform the landscape

Our Research, Insights and Policy Lab will evaluate and inform the Institute’s activities, developments and wider impact. We shall investigate barriers to improve design and delivery of innovations and interventions.

“Our work will help to secure the UK’s position as a globally leading research and innovation nation.

We will develop greater knowledge and understanding of technical skills and expertise required to enable world-class infrastructures, facilities, and equipment to thrive.”

Professor Andrew Noyes

Professor Andrew Noyes

Lead for the ITSS Research, Insights and Policy Lab