Ambitious RTPs showcase solutions to boost skills and technical capacity

May 21, 2024

A group of ambitious Research Technical Professionals (RTPs) who have been granted a total of £16m to improve long-term career prospects for the UK’s technical community have kick-started their projects.

The successful Strategic Technical Platform project leads presented the aims, opportunities, and benefits to the technical professional community at a workshop delivered by UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and hosted by the UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy.

The eleven projects will be led by teams of RTPs locally within UK universities and research institutions, focusing on a range of solutions to enhance skills and capacity within this specialist community.

The UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy has partnered with EPSRC to encourage cross collaboration, create a community and share best practice, to accelerate developments within a particular scientific field or technology.

Dr Luke Davis, Joint Head of Research Infrastructure for EPSRC said:

“This Strategic Technical Platform activity is one of the largest investments EPSRC and the UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure programme has made into projects led by the Research Technical Professional community.

“This scheme has generated so much excitement and enthusiasm from the community and we’re very keen to see how the funded initiatives take shape in the future. All the successful projects demonstrated scope for real-world impact; to boost individual career development and accelerate UK research and innovation.”

Dr Ian Hancox, Co-Director for the UK Institute for Technical Skills & Strategy and Project Lead for UK Technology Specialist Network RTP Opportunities, Knowledge, & Skills (TSN ROKS), one of the eleven EPSRC-funded projects said:

“We’re really excited to help facilitate the sharing of best practice across these eleven unique and specialist projects funded by EPSRC and led by RTPs.

“Collectively, these initiatives will unlock opportunities for career development and training for data professionals, research software engineers and equipment specialists, who play a vital role in science and engineering.

“I’m confident that the UK Technology Specialists Network (TSN) will enable even greater collaboration within the research landscape, empowering the RTP community and building a sustainable specialist skills base.”

The Institute advocates for the UK technical community, acting as a conduit between research funders and the technical community. Hosting workshops and facilitating knowledge exchange across the Strategic Technical Platform projects, will help to ensure the long-term sustainability of UK technical skills and careers.

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